Roadside foraging

So there I am, just driving down my street after a fairly conflict-free trip to the grocery store with my littles when, bam! I see this amazing flower/weed growing in the yard of an abandoned house on my block. 

Tragopogon || Rachel Loewens Fine Art

I mean, amazing right? Like a ginormous dandelion! Thanks to some help from someone on Instagram, I was able to find out that it is a Tragopogon (possibly Tragopogon dubius) and is indeed a weed. 

Now, the gardener in me hates weeds, but my printmaker sides loves them!! I don't have to be precious with them while I try out different ways of using them in my art because they will grow back in abundance. 

Tragopogon || Rachel Loewens
Tragopogon cyanotype || abstract print by Rachel Loewens

I've had a few days to play with them with cyanotypes, but not yet with acrylics. Fingers crossed the lawn they are growing in doesn't get mowed anytime soon!!